African National Congress


MYANC: 10th December, marked the end of sixteen Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and children official Programme. However, it does not mark the of the fight against gender-based violence, Femicide and abuse of children. Don't look away

MYANC: As the #16DaysofActivism come to an end, we commit ourselves to urgent year-round action to end gender-based violence in South Africa. Through the comprehensive #365Days campaign, government, the private sector, civil society & the broader

MYANC: Government is introducing new policies & strengthening laws that specifically address violence & abuse against women & children. Working with civil society, we're enhancing legal protections against #GBV & impro

MYANC: Together with civil society, government is working to ensure the rights of survivors are protected & our courts have the resources & capacity to act firmly against perpetrators. #16DaysofActivism #EnoughIsEnough

MYANC: Abuse, aggression and violence from intimate partners affect millions of women across South Africa. Let's work together to promote healthy relationships in which each partner feels safe and neither resorts to violence. #16DaysofActivism #Enou

MYANC: We must engage men & boys to address the roots of gender-based violence. Working together with civil society to promote mentorship, role modelling, accountability & positive masculinity, we can ensure they are part of the solution.

MYANC: Thuthuzela Care Centres are a critical part of the national strategy to combat gender-based violence. They offer important support to survivors of sexual & domestic abuse. Government is establishing 3 new centres, in KZN, Gauteng and the E.

MYANC: Now & throughout the year, we need coordinated action by government, the private sector, civil society & the broader community to drive awareness, support & education to stop violence against women and children. #EnoughIsEno