African National Congress


MYANC: Charlotte Maxeke broke through the barriers of her time to become SA's first black female graduate. She advocated for equal education & fought to make women's voices heard. Her extraordinary life should inspire active citizenship

MYANC: Growing up in poverty, Liz Abrahams left school at 14 to work in a factory, where exploitation was rife. These hardships drove her to become a workers' champion & fight for equality. Today, voting is how we protect the rights of worker

MYANC: A political activist for most of her life, Bertha Gxowa fought for the rights of women, workers & the poor. In 1956, she was at the forefront of the Women's March against pass laws. We carry her baton forward by voting to build on her

MYANC: At just 14, Emma Mashinini dedicated her life to activism. An icon of the labour movement, she mobilised workers against unjust treatment, especially women in the textile & clothing industries. Continuing her legacy means voting to protect

MYANC: Francis Baard was as a domestic worker who become an activist & workers' champion. As part of the ANCWL,she fought against oppression & exploitation. The women who shaped our trade union history remind us to actively protect ou

MYANC: Ray Alexander was just 15 when she arrived in SA & soon joined the trade union movement. She spent her life fighting for workers' rights & faced bannings, police harassment & exile. We protect the rights won for us thro

MYANC: Josie Mpama used her leadership skills to mobilise others against unjust pass laws & permits. As a trade unionist, she fought for workers under apartheid. The women who shaped our trade union history remind us to actively protect our rights

MYANC: From a young age, Dora Tamana witnessed the evictions & injustices of a racist regime. A struggle activist & ANCWL member, she defied unjust pass laws & fought for workers' rights. In uniting to vote for a better SA, we

MYANC: At a time when black women had no voice, Cissie Gool broke through barriers to serve in local government, advocate for the poor & oppose segregation. The women who fought apartheid & led us to freedom remind us to participate in our

MYANC: As a journalist, she exposed the evil of apartheid with her writing. As an activist, she fought to overthrow a racist regime. Ruth First paid the ultimate price for our democracy - living up to her legacy requires action & commitment from u