African National Congress


MYANC: It is only if we stand united against corruption that we can restore the integrity of our movement. We will not stand for any member of #ANC bringing our organisation into disrepute. We call on all ANC members to be mindful that they represent an

MYANC: We will focus on the vital task of building unity of purpose & unity in action. This unity must be founded on a common commitment to the core values of #ANC & serving the South African people. Unity cannot be used to shield those in

MYANC: The January 8th Statement is the voice of our movement. It gives inspiration & encouragement to our members, supporters & many others across the nation. It is an appeal to all those who love #ANC to rededicate themselves to lives of

MYANC: None of the traditional activities we hold to mark the birthday of #ANC are taking place this year. Due to the necessary restrictions that are in place to contain the spread of the coronavirus we are not undertaking our traditional door-to-door eng