African National Congress


MYANC: #PeoplesManifesto Launch ANC President Cde Cyril Ramaphosa visited the Shembe Church a week before #ANC54 where the church prayed for a peaceful conference with leadership and resolutions that would take the country forward. #ANC107 #ThumaMina ht

MYANC: #PEOPLESMANIFESTO LAUNCH "The message of unity and renewal that came from #ANC54 has been well embraced in KZN and across all other provinces, with the understanding that unity is a process, not an event..." ANC President Cde @CyrilRama

MYANC: CREATIVE SECTOR DIALOGUE WITH THE PRESIDENT "As we charge forward with the renewal project as mandated by #ANC54, we need to ensure that we generate growth in our economy. I see the creative sector as a great opportunity..." ~ Preside

MYANC: #Ramaphosa 10 months ago, we held a very successful #ANC54. We asserted there that we would not be able to say that we have achieved freedom until we have corrected the historical injustice of accumulation by a minority at the expense of the dispos

MYANC: #Ramaphosa She was also foremost among those who celebrated the clear decision of #ANC54 to make a decisive break with the negative tendencies that had set in within our movement, and to embark on a programme of rebuilding, renewal and unity.

MYANC: #Ramaphosa As the ANC prepared for #ANC54, she was foremost among the elders of our movement who urged an end to disunity and called on all leaders to settle whatever differences they may have in the interests of the ANC and the country.

MYANC: #Ramaphosa We emerged from #ANC54 with a clear mandate to build a social compact for growth, jobs and fundamental transformation. It is a mandate to end corruption and strengthen public institutions, ensuring honest and effective leadership in SOEs