African National Congress


MYANC: The successful resolution of land reform & especially the expropriation of land without compensation that the ANC is committed to, will go a long way in addressing inequalities bedevilling our society & therefore consolidate a firm

MYANC: Again it is our greatest honour and privilege to be given this opportunity to make some closing remarks to this historically important gathering of the #BRICS, We count on the success of this dialogue for the victories of our future struggles for t

MYANC: "Today we are celebrating the living memory of a remarkable legendary figure who has made an indelible contribution towards the development of human society. We are commemorating the 2nd anniversary of the passing on of CINC Fidel Castro.&quot

MYANC: #ANCSG We again bring our words of gratitude to the leadership of the ANC from this region and the province and hope that we shall continue to do more in making our structures more vibrant and responsive to the needs and the living conditions of ou

MYANC: #ANCSG Our people shall triumph and achieve the objectives of building a non- racial, non-sexist, democratic and prosperous society, a society which all its people shall have equal access to and share in the wealth of our country. #DullahOmarCadres

MYANC: #ANCSG Vladimir Lenin said"Unless a revolutionary movement has a wide connection with the masses, unless it constantly strengthen its connections with the masses, unless it masters how to hearken to the voice of the masses and understand their