African National Congress


MYANC: This is the very same notion of the scientific formulation that the new does not necessarily obliterate the old. The new will always develop from the womb of the old and use the material of the old to emerge and to survive. #BRICS #ANCSG

MYANC: The successful resolution of land reform & especially the expropriation of land without compensation that the ANC is committed to, will go a long way in addressing inequalities bedevilling our society & therefore consolidate a firm

MYANC: Again it is our greatest honour and privilege to be given this opportunity to make some closing remarks to this historically important gathering of the #BRICS, We count on the success of this dialogue for the victories of our future struggles for t

MYANC: BRICS POLITICAL PARTIES PLUS DIALOGUE • 4-6 DECEMBER 2018 • TSHWANE, SOUTH AFRICA "We are ready to host this meeting, we've been preparing since the decision was taken in the last meeting." ~Cde Lindiwe Zulu, Chair of the ANC

MYANC: BRICS POLITICAL PARTIES PLUS DIALOGUE • 4-6 DECEMBER 2018 • TSHWANE ANC Secretary General Cde @DrAceMagashule delivers the Keynote Address to the Opening Session of the BRICS Political Parties Plus Dialogue which brings together party leaders