African National Congress


MYANC: Over the past couple of years South Africa has been grappling with corruption. We must root this out. National Treasury and the Department of Justice will work swiftly to support the establishment of the new Investigating Directorate in the NPA. #

MYANC: The South African National Roads Agency is allocated an additional R3.5 billion over the next 3 years to improve non-toll roads. In October, I emphasised the importance of the user pay principle. #RSABudget2019 #budget2019

MYANC: Government continues to focus on supporting people to own their own homes. Funding totalling R14.7 billion over the two outer years has been reprioritised to two new conditional grants for informal settlements upgrading. #RSABUDGET2019 #Budget20

MYANC: Over the medium term government will spend R111.2 billion to ensure that 2.8 million deserving students from poor and working class families obtain their qualifications at universities and TVET colleges. #RSABUDGET2019 #budget2019

MYANC: Over R30 billion is allocated to build new schools and maintain schooling infrastructure. An additional R2.8 billion is added to the School Infrastructure Backlogs grant to replace pit latrines at over 2 400 schools. #RSABUDGET2019 #budget2019 htt

MYANC: R1.8 billion is allocated for the implementation of 262 priority land-reform projects over the next three years. R3.7 billion is set aside to assist emerging farmers seeking to acquire land to farm. #budget2019 #RSABudget2019