African National Congress


MYANC: SOUTH AFRICAN AIRWAYS 2020 Budget Speech 17 The SAA Sword of Damocles has now fallen on us. SAA has been placed under business rescue which will lead to a radically restructured airline. #BudgetSpeech #Budget2020 #BudgetSpeech2020

MYANC: YOUTH EMPLOYMENT To date, Jobs Fund projects have created more than 175 000 permanent jobs, and helped 21 000 people into internships and created 59 900 short term jobs. Of these, 65 per cent went to youth. #BudgetSpeech #Budget2020 #BudgetSpeech20

MYANC: The South African Reserve Bank will continue to undertake its duties in line with section 224 of the Constitution which is to perform its functions independently without fear, favour or prejudice in the interest of balanced and sustainable growth i

MYANC: Public servants do crucial work for our country, often in trying conditions. The governing party is a firm believer in the critical role of the state in development. For this reason, we need qualified, motivated and effective staff. #Budget2020 #Bu

MYANC: Property market To support the property market, the threshold for transfer duties is adjusted. Property costing R1 million or less will no longer be subject to transfer duty. #BudgetSpeech2020 #BudgetSpeech #Budget2020

MYANC: Relief To support growth, we propose no major tax increases. Indeed, there is some real personal income tax relief. This Budget means that a teacher who earns on average R460 000 a year, will see their taxes reduced by nearly R3 400 a year. #Budge