African National Congress


MYANC: Over the next few years we will forge ahead in earnest to #BuildingtheSouthAfricaWeWant through a people-centered government providing decent shelter for the needy, secured neighborhoods and comfort for all. #Khawuleza #FreedomCharter https://t.c

MYANC: Through the Parliamentary Adhoc Committee on the amendment of Section 25 of our Constitution - work is underway to ensure that the land is ultimately shared amongst those who work it. #FreedomCharter #Khawuleza #BuildingtheSouthAfricaWeWant https:/

MYANC: While millions of lives have been transformed, the ANC acknowledges that eradicating apartheid's legacy of poverty, inequality, unemployment and racism will require concerted efforts by all South Africans. #FreedomCharter #Khawuleza #Buildingt

MYANC: As we celebrate the progress freedom has brought and the restoration of our dignity, let us rise to the challenge of accelerating service delivery and #BuildingtheSouthAfricaWeWant that as part of realising the vision of the #FreedomCharter. #Kh

MYANC: The #FreedomCharter is our compass as we navigate our way towards a better South Africa. It represents the hopes & aspirations of all progressive & freedom-loving people of South Africa. #Khawuleza #BuildingtheSouthAfricaWeWant h