African National Congress


MYANC: @MYANC Secretary General @Magashule_Ace reaffirming statement by #LuthuliHouse that no protective clothing, masks or food parcels should be branded or distributed with @MYANC symbols in the fight against #COVID19SouthAfrica #NWCEXTENDED https://t.

MYANC: @MyANC extended national working committee emerged with one voice, agreeing to leave no one behind in the fight against #COVID19SouthAfrica and together with Alliance partners endorsed 7 pillars to guide the battle ahead.

MYANC: @MYANC Deputy Secretary General Jessie Duarte calls on South Africans to follow all precautions and primarily to #StayAtHomeSa and only go out when it's critically important in order to save life's. #COVID19SouthAfrica #ProtectYourself #