African National Congress


MYANC: The high cost & poor quality of data services is a major obstacle to growing our #economy. We will work with competition authorities & ICASA, & release new broadband spectrum, to reduce costs & #GrowSouthAfrica. #Dat

MYANC: DATA SERVICE MARKET INQUIRY: ANC Communicator Cde Phelisa Nkomo explains speaks on the work of the Competition Commission, a government Chapter 9 Institution that set up the Data Service Market Inquiry. #DataMustFall

MYANC: DATA SERVICE MARKET INQUIRY ANC commends government, through its Chapter 9 institution The Competition Commission for setting up Data Service Market Inquiry. The ANC is making submissions to assist the process of lowering DATA. ANC Spokesperson

MYANC: Recommendations ●Recommend measures to promote black economic empowerment in line with the ICT sector Code. ●Investigate any abuse of market dominance in the sector as a way of promoting real competition and limit price collusion #DataMustFal

MYANC: DATA SERVICE INQUIRY ANC Recommendations ●The ANC, having considered the scope of this inquiry in terms of the published terms of reference, and recognizing that internet is the basis within which most people access ICT services. #DataMustFal