African National Congress


MYANC: From a young age, Dora Tamana witnessed the evictions & injustices of a racist regime. A struggle activist & ANCWL member, she defied unjust pass laws & fought for workers' rights. In uniting to vote for a better SA, we

MYANC: At a time when black women had no voice, Cissie Gool broke through barriers to serve in local government, advocate for the poor & oppose segregation. The women who fought apartheid & led us to freedom remind us to participate in our

MYANC: As a journalist, she exposed the evil of apartheid with her writing. As an activist, she fought to overthrow a racist regime. Ruth First paid the ultimate price for our democracy - living up to her legacy requires action & commitment from u

MYANC: Human rights lawyer Victoria Mxenge fought to defend victims of apartheid & state brutality. Her murder by security police sparked mass public protests. This #FreedomMonth, we honour her sacrifice by remembering that voting is our right &am

MYANC: As a student activist & uMkhonto weSizwe operative, Coline Williams was prepared to risk her life in the struggle for equality. At just 22, she was killed by a limpet mine. The women of MK remind us that democracy requires active citizens.

MYANC: Phila Ndwandwe was a young mother & uMkhonto weSizwe fighter at the height of apartheid. Taken by security police who wished to turn her into an informant, she would not be broken. We honour her ultimate sacrifice by using our hard-won righ

MYANC: Nokuthula Simelane was a young student when she joined uMkhonto weSizwe in armed struggle against apartheid. In '83, she was abducted & tortured by security police & never seen again. This #FreedomMonth, we remember the sacrifi

MYANC: Gertrude Shope was 29 when she left teaching in protest against Bantu education to join the ANC. Leader of uMkhonto weSizwe & ANCWL President, she fought for equality across racial & gender lines. In #FreedomMonth her legacy reminds

MYANC: Sophia Williams-de Bruyn was only 18 when she helped organise the historic 1956 march, uniting 20,000 women in protest against injustice. #FreedomMonth is a time to pay tribute & remember that you too can continue the fight for an equal SA

MYANC: A nurse, activist & fearless champion of democracy & human rights. Albertina Sisulu was a a courageous freedom fighter who ignited change through her bravery. This #FreedomMonth, they inspire us to use our votes to #GrowSouthAfrica.