African National Congress


MYANC: The Albertina Sisulu School of Leadership for Women is for patriotic, self-sustaining women who champion gender equality & gender mainstreaming in all sectors of the society. #InternationalWomensDay #ANCWL

MYANC: ANC President Cde @CyrilRamaphosa arrives for the official opening of the Albertina Sisulu School of Leadership for Women - an initiative of the #ANCWL - in Tweeling, Free State. The ritual ceremony is to mark this historic occasion. #AlbertinaSisu

MYANC: President #Ramaphosa: We must raise the level of consciousness about the issue of patriarchy. We must move men away from the crisis of a toxic sense of masculinity that makes them believe that they have any sense of ownership over women. #Internati

MYANC: President #Ramaphosa: We must focus on administration and hold officials to account through ensuring effective and rigorous performance management programmes - the capability of the state resides in the hands and minds of civil servants. #Internati

MYANC: President #Ramaphosa: We are proud to have young women whose level of consciousness has risen to a point where they are not afraid to talk about issues openly & articulately, not just social issues, but they demonstrate a level of political