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MYANC: President concludes his address "South Africa needs a new approach to growth and development - one informed by our collective interest and which harnesses the capabilities of all social partners committed to creating a prosperous society.&qu

MYANC: "Through this framework agreement, we will be mobilising finance on a far greater scale, ensuring that it is focused on building our manufacturing capacity." President '@CyrilRamaphosa #JobsSummit

MYANC: JOBS SUMMIT "The financial sector, as part of its transformation code, will invest R100bn over 5 years in black-owned industrial enterprises. Government will work with the financial sector to develop facilities for financing at preferential

MYANC: President Ramaphosa speaks on YOUTH at the job Summit "Mechanisms are being put in place to enable companies to form partnerships with nearby TVET colleges, where the colleges offer the theoretical component of the programme... President Ram

MYANC: JOBS SUMMIT "For the economy to grow and for jobs to be created, it is essential that there is a substantial increase in domestic demand. This means that South African companies, government and consumers must buy local." President Ramap

MYANC: JOBS SUMMIT "To address this challenge, we have agreed that the training layoff scheme, which was introduced in response to the 2008 global financial crisis, should be immediately revived and improved." President Ramaphosa #JobsSummit h

MYANC: President @CyrilRamaphosa outlines what the JOBS SUMMIT seeks to achieve. "The social partners have agreed that this Presidential Jobs Summit will emerge with a framework agreement that is both ambitious and realisable." President Ramap