African National Congress


MYANC: The ANC President Comrade @CyrilRamaphosa states the ANC is the only political party that is committed and has the capability to grow South Africa and create a better life for all.#Mayday #VoteANC #GrowSouthAfrica

MYANC: ANC President Comrade @CyrilRamaphosa reaffirms the ANC's committment on land reform, as per the ANC 54th conference resolution. Land should be returned to its rightful owners. #Mayday #VoteANC #GrowSouthAfrica

MYANC: ANC DP Mabuza: So long as you as workers are organised and united, that dream shall be our reality. Let us unite in our action as we grow South Africa together. A vote for the ANC is a vote for decent work. Happy #WorkersDay #VoteANC #GrowSouthAFri

MYANC: ANC DP Mabuza: On the 8th of May, it is upon you that we will again rely to lead, always alive to the value of workers power in moving society forward. Much more still needs to be done to wrestle our people from the clutches of poverty, inequality