African National Congress


MYANC: President #Ramaphosa: The Morogoro Conference was therefore a moment of critical introspection. Debate was frank, robust and often heated as delegates had to confront difficult and contentious issues. #Morogoro50

MYANC: President #Ramaphosa: At times, it also experienced weakened structures and went through periods of organisational decline. Many of these problems came to a head in the months immediately preceding the National Consultative Conference held in #Moro

MYANC: President #Ramaphosa: We conduct the struggle today under conditions of freedom and democracy, where the rights of all are equally guaranteed, and where all are free to vote, express themselves, organise and protest peacefully. #Morogoro50

MYANC: President #Ramaphosa: We recall the life of OR Tambo so that we may understand the challenges he had to confront, and so that we may draw guidance and inspiration as we undertake the tasks and confront the difficulties of our time. #Morogoro50

MYANC: President #Ramaphosa: It was under the leadership of OR Tambo that the conditions for negotiations were spelt out in the Harare Declaration and the ANC's Constitutional Guidelines were adopted, most of which are now enshrined in our Constituti