African National Congress


MYANC: The largest allocations in the medium-term are for education, health, social development and community development. Together, these four areas will receive more than 60 per cent of non-interest expenditure. #MTBPS2018

MYANC: Over the next three years, public infrastructure expenditure is estimated to be R855.2 billion, of which state-owned companies alone account for R370.2 billion. General government accounts for the remaining R485 billion in the form of conditional i

MYANC: The Development bank of Southern Africa the Government Technical Advisory Centre and the Presidential Infrastructure Coordinating Commission will receive R625 million to strengthen project preparation. #MTBPS2018

MYANC: Reconfiguring our state-owned companies requires us to take a hard look at how they operate. Our current challenges with state-owned companies present an opportunity to demolish the walls that exist between the private and public sectors. #MTBPS201

MYANC: This Policy Statement provides us with an opportunity to take stock of the strides we have taken in the year. We do this in a data driven way, providing credible evidence to judge our collective performance as a society. #MTBPS2018

MYANC: For ordinary South Africans, it has become a difficult time. Administered prices, such as electricity and fuel, have risen. Unemployment is unacceptably high. Poor services and corruption have hit the poor the hardest. #MTBPS2018

MYANC: MID-TERM BUDGET Under the leadership of our President, and much like the central character in A Tale of Two Cities, we have, as a country, chosen the difficult path of redemption." @tito_mboweni #MTBPS2018

MYANC: So too is the present time. As a country, we stand at a crossroads. We can choose a path of hope; or a path of despair. We can go directly to Heaven, or as Dickens so politely puts it, we can go the other way. #MTBPS2018