African National Congress


MYANC: A vote for the ANC on May 8 is a vote for our plan to increase the number of police officers on our streets & in our communities & to give priority to crime prevention. #GrowSouthAfrica #VoteANC #PeoplesManifesto

MYANC: Our #PeoplesManifesto commits us to support & honour those who devoted their lives to the cause of a free & equal South Africa. This includes promoting history in schools to ensure students understand the struggle of black people ag

MYANC: The United Nations has designated 2019 as 'The Year of Indigenous Languages'. We will work harder to support indigenous language development, and ensure more language options are included in school curriculums. #GrowSouthAfrica #PeoplesMa

MYANC: The ANC is committed to building cooperation with traditional authorities in order to grow a more united South Africa. The Traditional and Khoisan Leadership Bill will give recognition and protection to Khoisan communities, leaders and councils. #G