African National Congress


MYANC: PEOPLE'S PARLIAMENT We need to face up to the fact that unless we are able to bring our economy out of this period of stagnation, we will be unable to create a better life for our citizens.- President @CyrilRamaphosa #PeoplesParliament http

MYANC: PEOPLE'S PARLIAMENT We need to face up to the fact that many municipalities find themselves in a protracted financial crisis, unable to properly fulfil their responsibilities to residents.- President @CyrilRamaphosa #PeoplesParliament http

MYANC: PEOPLE'S PARLIAMENT What is most unacceptable is that some of our people have become resigned, so accustomed to poor levels of service delivery, that they believe that the abnormal is normal.- President @CyrilRamaphosa #PeoplesParliament h

MYANC: PEOPLE'S PARLIAMENT It is not acceptable that sick and dying patients are left languishing in waiting rooms at clinics and hospitals before they are attended to by a health professional.- President @CyrilRamaphosa #PeoplesParliament https:

MYANC: PEOPLE'S PARLIAMENT When citizens complain about lack of services and are treated with condescension, indifference and sometimes arrogance by officials, they resort to other, unacceptable, methods. - President @CyrilRamaphosa #PeoplesParli

MYANC: PEOPLE'S PARLIAMENT In the past few years, we have seen a rise in service delivery protests across the country. What is troubling is that these protests have become increasingly violent. - President @CyrilRamaphosa #PeoplesParliament https

MYANC: PEOPLE'S PARLIAMENT The NCOP is one of the most important instruments of the Constitutional principle of cooperative governance, linking the national, provincial and local spheres of government.- President @CyrilRamaphosa #PeoplesParliamen