African National Congress


MYANC: EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT ADDRESS "We need to work together to address the root causes of irregular migration, which include poverty, inequality, unemployment, economic exclusion and competition for scarce resources." President @CyrilRamaphos

MYANC: "This view of democracy resonates with Nelson Mandela's vision of a global community of nations that affirms the centrality of human dignity - and strives through all means available to improve the human condition." President @CyrilR

MYANC: EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT ADDRESS "Now, more than ever, we turn to our great leaders for strength and inspiration as we seek to resolve the most pressing challenges of the present." President @CyrilRamaphosa #SAinEU

MYANC: EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT ADDRESS "The spectre of the resurgence of racism and xenophobia cloaked in the mantle of nationalism is rising, and is a cause for great concern." President @CyrilRamaphosa #SAinEU

MYANC: EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT ADDRESS "For despite our greatest efforts, the world today is blighted by conflict, poverty and underdevelopment. In poorer countries, there is still a lack of meaningful social progress, unrest and displacement." Pr

MYANC: EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT ADDRESS In his capacity as the Head of State, President @CyrilRamaphosa addressed the European Parliament under the theme: "A Partnership of Equals Based on Shared Values". RSA is the only African country that has a