African National Congress


MYANC: The ANC is at the forefront of making the change that the Women of South Africa need to see Cde Bathabile Dlamini @shahlesonke calls on every ANC supporter to commit themselves to making a difference #GrowSouthAfrica #YWDReclaimingTheNight #ANCY

MYANC: The ANCWL President Comrade Bathabile Dlamini @shahlesonke leads a candle raising, and speaks on the issues facing woman that the ANC seeks to change in South Africa #GrowSouthAfrica #YWDReclaimingTheNight #ThumaMuna #VoteANC

MYANC: The ANCWL YWD engage in a symbolic candle lighting ceremony as they Reclaim the Night, highlighting the continued work of the ANCWL in fighting for gender equality and a safe society both for women and for all #GrowSouthAfrica #YWDReclaimingTheNig

MYANC: The ANCWL YWD Reclaim the Night as Comrade Bathabile Dlamini @shahlesonke speaks on the need to push for continual progress in developing rights for marginalised, abused and oppressed women throughout SA #GrowSouthAfrica #YWDReclaimingTheNight #T

MYANC: ANC President Comrade @CyrilRamaphosa is warmly greeted by a mass of Methodist Church congregants as he arrives in Ray Nkonyeni to visit with the Methodist Church Port Shepstone Curcuit #GrowSouthAfrica #ThumaMuna #VoteANC