African National Congress


MYANC: @MYANC recommits to mobilising all South Africans in the struggle to build a non-sexist South Africa by confronting patriarchy in all its manifestations, including fighting #GBV and reducing the gender pay gap and the economic marginalisation of #w

MYANC: Vukani Makhosikazi We must demand respect for women by the media and fight against the objectification and abuse of women and girls. Our rightful place is direct involvement in the growth of our economy. [email protected] #WomensDay

MYANC: Vukani Makhosikazi Our boldness is needed to battle against patriachy and the systematic silencing of our voices. We must lead every day and everywhere against violence against women and children. ~ @ANCDSGDuarte #WomensDay

MYANC: Vukani Makhosikazi To every woman in our country our strength is needed now to make our country a better place for all who live here. Our courage is needed to build a non-racial, non-sexist, united and democratic South Africa. ~ @ANCDSGDuarte