African National Congress


MYANC: "The precarious economic situation that our country finds itself in is having a negative impact on our people as a whole as the reprioritisation of spending affects expenditure in a number of areas that affect our people." ANC President

MYANC: "The rising number of COVID infections, deaths in #India and the looming crisis in #Brazil make an urgent and highly visible case for developing countries to be given access to the means to produce vaccines themselves." ANC President @Cy

MYANC: "We will soon begin vaccinating people over sixty (60) and certain other, designated categories of people with comorbidities and other high-risk groups in Phase 2 of the vaccine rollout." ANC President @CyrilRamaphosa delivers Message of

MYANC: "It is in such times like these, of great difficulty, that the Alliance between @MyANC, @SACP1921 and @_COSATU must continue to show united leadership." ANC President @CyrilRamaphosa delivers Message of Solidarity #COSATUMayDay #Worker

MYANC: "South African workers have sacrificed a lot and have been severely impacted by the pandemic in terms of loss of income with their livelihoods being negatively affected." ANC President @CyrilRamaphosa delivers Message of Solidarity #COS

MYANC: "On this #WorkersDay we celebrate the workers of our country, who work to keep the country functioning properly... on this day we salute you." ANC President @CyrilRamaphosa delivers Message of Solidarity #COSATUMayDay