African National Congress


MYANC: ANC DP Mabuza: So long as you as workers are organised and united, that dream shall be our reality. Let us unite in our action as we grow South Africa together. A vote for the ANC is a vote for decent work. Happy #WorkersDay #VoteANC #GrowSouthAFri

MYANC: ANC DP Mabuza: We meet here today just four days since we celebrated 25 years since our democratic breakthrough. This #MayDay is also our 25th one since the dawn of democracy. This is a day observed and celebrated as #WorkersDay in our country and

MYANC: #WorkersDay helps us remember the progress we've achieved in creating job opportunities & protecting the rights of vulnerable workers since 1994. Upholding those rights & creating more decent jobs is government's priority

MYANC: Since 1994, our economy has doubled in size. This #WorkersDay, government reiterates its commitment to generating more inclusive growth & drawing more people, especially the youth & women, into productive economic activity. #GrowSou

MYANC: Better wages & conditions for workers are at the heart of #WorkersDay. To grow an economy that creates decent, jobs on a large scale, we have a plan to continue investing in infrastructure projects that #GrowSouthAfrica. #VoteANC Read more: