African National Congress


The African National Congress has, like all other South Africans, been following the proceedings of the Judicial Commission on State Capture with keen interest.

We wish to commend the Commission for the thorough and deliberate manner in which it has been conducting the hearings, which is a reflection of plodding industry by the investigators, evidence leaders and other team members out of the public eye.

The ANC’s approach to the Commission revolves around three basic principles.
Firstly, the Commission was set up at the insistence of our organisation and other South Africans who are committed to ethical conduct in both the public and private spheres.

We are fully cognisant of the fact that the renewal of our society, which is necessary to attain socio-economic inclusion, will not be possible without the cleansing that the Commission is mandated to provide.
Secondly, the ANC wishes to afford the Commission the space to conduct its work without fear or favour, let or hindrance. We will therefore not engage in running commentary on the evidence being led at the hearings. However, to the extent that the ANC as an organisation is required to assist the Commission, we will do so.
In this regard, we have already arranged to make presentations on specific issues in the coming days. Thirdly, we do appreciate that the process of lancing the boil of corruption and state capture – which our recent National Conference called for – will be excruciating and, in some instances, embarrassing.  

While some members and leaders of the ANC may be implicated in the evidence being adduced at the Commission, these are matters that the Commission will pronounce on in the fulness of time.

We are proud, as an organisation, that leaders and members of the movement have availed themselves in their personal capacity to assist the Commission in unearthing the vile practices that undermined not only the ANC, but society at large.

As the governing party, the ANC fully appreciates the harsh impact that the lack of ethics in the public and private sectors has had on the economy, with devastating consequences for our society, especially poor.

We wish to commend the government for the steps that are being taken to clean up state institutions.

We also urge law-enforcement agencies to take up the cudgels with the necessary urgency and ensure that those implicated in criminal activity are brought to book.

The ANC has, over the past few days, noted despicable campaigns being waged against functionaries of the Commission and individuals who have offered to assist it in its work.  
Insults and unsubstantiated allegations have been hurled with gay abandon against witnesses and Commission members; threats have been issued against the media; and social media platforms have been employed to target specific witnesses and their families. We condemn this conduct with the contempt it deserves.

While it is not our duty to speculate on the motivation behind this strange conduct, the saying that ‘the guilty are afraid’ does come to mind.

Indeed, if any individuals or organisations have any information that they believe is relevant to the campaign against corruption and state capture, they should avail themselves to present this under oath to the Commission.

The ANC wishes, once again, to urge all South Africans to co-operate with, and assist, the Commission in its work.

Our nation deserves no less. Only in this way shall we attain the lofty ideals enshrined in the Constitution of our country.  

Pule Mabe
National Spokesperson
071 623 4975


Friday, November 23, 2018